Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant Service in Puerto Rico

We provide to our customers; the right Wedding Officiant to perform the wedding ceremony where you like and religious character of your choice. We include Symbolical Rites like: Sand Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, Ring Ceremony and more…


Wedding Officiant: 💵 $650.00

Our Service Includes: 

• Wedding Ceremony

• Legal Process & Documentation thru Demographic Registry Office 


Required documents for Getting Married in Puerto Rico (Residents of USA):


• Driver’s License or Passport

• Birth Certificates

• Divorce Decree (If Applicable) 

More Services

Hexagon Arch: $400.00

Small Cake: $125.00

• Small Cake for Up to 10 people

Canopy: $400.00

Bouquet: $150.00

Wireless Sound System: $200.00

Photographer: $475.00

• Photographer for (1) Hour of Service
• Digital Delivery

Live Music: $395.00

• (1) Hour of Music

Wedding Officiant in Puerto Rico ⭐️

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