Symbolic Ceremony in Puerto Rico

Symbolic Ceremony is a Ceremony full of meaning and spirituality without the legal paperwork.

Symbolic Ceremony: 💵 $400.00

Our service includes:

・Wedding Ceremony
・Religious and Non-Religious Ceremonies
・Civil Ceremony 
・Symbolical Rites like: Sand Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, Ring Ceremony and more…



⚠️No Paperwork Required

Symbolic Wedding in Puerto Rico​

Hexagon Arch: $400.00

Small Cake: $150.00

• Small Cake for Up to 10 people

Canopy: $400.00

Bouquet: $150.00

Wireless Sound System: $200.00

Photographer: $475.00

• Photographer for (1) Hour of Service
• Digital Delivery

Live Music: $395.00

• (1) Hour of Music