Recommended Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

A common question we get from our clients is: “Which places do you recommend for us to go visit and grab some local food?” Fortunately, our company has already done hundreds of weddings; so we’ll suggest some favorite and popular spots. 

Just in case, I haven’t been paid or sponsored for this article; not even with a beer.

Having mentioned that, let’s get started. 

Touristic Places

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Discover the roots of the Spanish Colonization of Americas visiting El Morro. 

Castillo San Cristóbal

This should be your 2nd stop after visiting Castillo San Felipe del Morro. It is located 10 minutes walking. 

El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque is considered a sacred rain forest for our Taino ancestors. 

Craft Beers

Vivo Beach Club

Vivo is known for celebrating small concerts, often a venue for weddings and events. They craft the well known beer “Ocean Lab”. 

Old Harbor Brewery

Old Harbor is a brewery where they craft an extensive line of beers known internationally called “Old Harbor” 

Puerto Rican Food

Los Gorditos

If you want to try our Puerto Rican food very easily “Los Gorditos” is a fast food located at Isla Verde. Their food is tasty and in a budget. 

Doña Ana

If you want to have the Puerto Rican experience country style and you don’t mind driving a little bit. You should visit “Doña Ana” at Bayamon. They have Puerto Rican live music from Thursday to Sunday. 

Restaurante Raíces

Raises is a restaurant where you can taste our traditional Puerto Rican food at Old San Juan. Waitress used to wear traditional Puerto Rican clothing. 

Fun at Night

Distrito T-Mobile

If you are looking for having fun at night in a family format including your kids. This a must stop. 

Placita de Santurce

In this place you will find a lot of small pubs and restaurants in a casual format. Not recommend for kids at night. 


Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR)

Discover the art and legacy of Puerto Rican artist beginning XVI century. 

Museo de Arte de Ponce

Explore a blend of European and Puerto Rican art visiting el “Museo de Arte de Ponce” 

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