Requirements for Getting Married in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Destination Wedding Requirements:

  1. A statement or certification (letter or prescription note with full address of the medical center or doctor office) from an authorized medical physician which indicates the compliance of all tests required to enter in marriage in their place of residence. Please specify if lab test is not necessary. The certification has a validity of ten (10) calendar days subsequent to the date of issuance, and following these, will not be able to get married until a new medical certification is issued.
  2. A sworn statement or affidavit which stipulates the following:
    •   Non-residents of Puerto Rico;
    •   The purpose of the visit is solely to enter in marriage;
    •   Duration of the visit; if a foreign citizen, establish that he/she will not stay in Puerto Rico for more timethan what was specified in the permission to enter a United States Territory, granted by the corresponding federal agency.If the sworn statement is written in the United States, the public notary’s signature, before who the statement was made, must be authenticated by the state County Clerk (in some cases, this corresponds to the Secretary of State).
  3. Valid photo identification, issued by the government of the state or country of residence. The following are the most common forms of accepted identifications: Driver’s License, Passport or State Identification. Expired or mutilated is not acceptable.
  4. Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Stamp for the sum of $150.00
  5. Original birth certificates; the names will be documented per the way they appear on the certificates. If have legal change name provide evidence from courthouse, documents has to be sealed as a certified copy.
  6. Divorce decrees from all previous marriages, or in the case of widowhood, the spouse’s death certificate. Original documents.
  7. Divorce decrees from all previous marriages, or in the case of widowhood, the spouse’s death certificate. Original documents.

    “If you have a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certification (or documents related with the divorced), name changes by court or any other document that you have to submit inorder to obtain a marriage license in PuertoRico that is not originally in Spanish, you must translate the documents in Spanish or English. You will have to provide the original document and the translated document”

  8. Celebrants must be registered through and authorized by the Demographic Registry in order to officiate marriages in Puerto Rico.

Requirements for Getting Married in Puerto Rico​

Medical Prescription Example: 

Sworn Statement or Affidavit Example: 

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