Elopement Wedding Puerto Rico

Elopement Wedding in Puerto Rico

Find the perfect Wedding Officiant in Puerto Rico to celebrate your Elopement Wedding. We provide the right Wedding Officiant to perform the wedding ceremony where you like and the religious character of your choice. We could provide a wedding canopy, a wedding photographer and the perfect music to create your special moment.

We provide: 

・Wedding Officiant
・Religious and Non-Religious Ceremonies
・Civil Ceremony
・Legal Procces thru Demographic Registry
・Symbolical Rites like: Sand Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Handfasting Ceremony, Ring Ceremony and more…

💵Price: $650.00 

(Marriage License & Paperwork Included)


Required Documents:

• Driver’s License, Real ID or Passport
• Birth Certificates
• Divorce Decree (If Apply)